New Cintiq Tablets

I just learned yesterday that Wacom is introducing a new line of Cintiq tablets.  The Companion, which is a full blown Win 8 computer that you can run Adobe Photoshop on and draw directly on it, and the Hybrid which is basically like the older Cintiq tablets, an alternate monitor that you plug into your computer and use like a drawing tablet, except that you are drawing directly on the screen.
What’s really cool about the hybrid is that when it is not plugged into your PC or MAC, it is an Android tablet that runs Android apps as well as provides limited but rich sketching functionality.  So you can sketch on it while you’re out, then come home and touch up your sketches with Photoshop by plugging it into your PC/MAC.
These will both be available in the next month or two.  The Companion is ~$2500 and the Hybrid is ~$1500.  I’m gonna start saving my pennies now!

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